I’m playing the creative card here. I could walk 400yds down the road and get lots of trucks and cars going past (and I may still do that for a subsequent post) but here’s something different. Photographs of trucks on screen.

REM’s Man on the Moon video features a Peterbilt 389…

And if you don’t know what film this is from……May the Devil have vengeance on your soul! A Classic Peterbilt 281 🙂

Those were actual photos taken during film replay hence they’re not pin sharp. Ok – here’s a non-cinema shot and it’s from the A1000 where it crosses the A406 about 750yds from my house……Volvo trucks awaiting permission to proceed into overnight roadworks.

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...or how to embarrass yourself 😉

My posts have been a bit sporadic lately because I wanted to try out doing some video’s of the computer simulations that I play. Trying out the technology and looking for a reasonable length video took up quite a lot time. It is the nature of most simulation games that the player will be doing a particular activity for somewhat longer than the average pop video. Anyway, here is a video from American Truck Simulator in which I will be transporting a load of pesticides from Phoenix to Holbrook. And… You get to hear my voice for the first time – that’s gotta be worth a few minutes hasn’t it? And if you survive to the end you can have a laugh at me making a real mess of parking – something I usually have no problem with! I’m blaming that on trying to do two things at once 😉 Here you go, me and the Volvo VNL670…

Until now all I’ve shown of my trucking adventures has been screen shots and words describing what you are likely to encounter on a drive. Today I decided to experiment with the gameplay recording function in Windows 10. The resulting video has been uploaded to YouTube. The quality isn’t quite as good as what I see when driving in game – especially the dashboard indications. But overall it gives a good impression of what driving a truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2 is like. The job was to take a load of gifts from Duisburg to Strasbourg for the Christmas Delivery Event. I found myself missing a lot of gear changes early on because, let’s be honest, I was nervous. I’ve never recorded myself driving in-game before!

The video is 40mins long and I’m sure that most of you may prefer some pointers to interesting bits so here’s a list of times where something is happening.

1:50 – Collecting the load
8:50 – Cut up by a brown SUV and then a white saloon decides to drive into my trailer! An example of some bad AI behaviour 🙂
18:00 – Multi-vehicle incident on the Autobahn.
19:50 – Passing the Berlin Airlift Memorial at Rhein Main Airbase, Frankfurt – it’s on the right.
22:25 – Jousting for position with a coach and flatbed van while leaving the Autobahn
25:45 – Trying to decide whose turn it is at the crossroads. Nice Scania driver let me go.
28:10 – SUV on wrong side of the road!
29:00 – Crossing Franco-German border.
34:10 – Making a pigs ear of the roundabout at Strasbourg 😉
36:45 – Mis-read Satnav and overshot red light incurring €360 fine!

Of course – you may want to just sit back and enjoy the ride. It can be quite therapeutic 🙂