This image asks the question – just what counts as Violet…

…because this First livery is a sort’ve reddish blue which puts it in that area but – when the light catches it different… ???

No doubts on this one though – My good friends Uno helping out with purple once again…

And it can’t be a Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge without a flower of some sort…

…of course – if this was spring in the UK I’d be able to show the Wild Violets that inhabit my garden 🙂

From My Archive I Choose…

U is Uno…

Originally set up to provide student transport for the University of Hertfordshire, Uno now operates an extensive network of services in Hertfordshire and into North London for use by the general public. The companies vehicles are instantly recognisable in their pink and purple colourscheme and make a change from the sea of red to be found throughout London’s suburbs on Transport for London controlled routes. You can catch up with their Information and Timetables here.

StAlbans Station

09:30 and Uno buses congregate at St. Albans railway station.   Even the flowers are colour-coordinated 😉

Optare Solo

An Optare Solo on St.Albans High Street.


One of Uno’s Scania double-deckers in Edgware on the 614 route to Queensbury from Hatfield.


A Dennis Dart at the terminus of the 610 Hatfield – Enfield route.


One of the newest vehicles in the fleet, a Mercedes-Benz Citaro passes Trinity United Reformed Church in St.Albans.