Farmers Blockade D941

Jam on D941 as farmers protest halts traffic in Bromont-Lamothe.

Yesterday French Farmers blockaded the D941 in several of the towns along the route in protest at falling grain and milk prices which have left many local farmers on the verge of bankruptcy.   Traffic built up on the surrounding Autoroutes and rail traffic through Létrade was also disrupted when a combine harvester was used to obstruct the crossing barriers.   Drivers passing through the area expressed their anger – German Trucker Ernst Martin stuck in a jam and sharing coffee with a group of fellow truck drivers at a roadside bar in Bromont-Lamothe said “Always there is some protest in France!  The Gendarmes do nothing!”  The protest lasted for much of the afternoon with traffic finally getting moving again as dusk fell.   The Gendarmerie were unavailable for comment.
From our Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes reporter


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