So many angles on this one so I went with this from Friday’s day out… Here’s a mobile advertisement hoarding warning those with criminal intent that they are being watched. Cable theft is a major issue in the UK due to the high price of copper. The railways and the telecommunications industry are especially at risk from cable thieves. I witnessed and photographed a theft in progress myself a couple of years back but at the time it looked like a regular contractor carrying out a recovery in an unsafe manner – ie the thieves were actually working for a licensed contractor and thus appeared to legitimate. So I went through the health and safety channels. The alarm was raised around lunchtime the same day and the persons involved were confronted in their company office. But somehow their employer contrived to allow them to leave before the Police arrived to arrest them! Makes you wonder about the integrity of some contractors doesn’t it 😦 In Telecoms terms the danger to the public is relatively minor (apart from criminal idiots using grab lorries to drag cable out of the ground within feet of pedestrians!) but on the railway they could easily precipitate a major disaster with lots of deaths. And, the most galling thing about it all…These people are often so stupid that they will grab any piece of cable including fibre optic which has no real value at all yet can take out communications for thousands of premises!

57307 'Lady Penelope' warns cable thieves.
57307 ‘Lady Penelope’ warns cable thieves.

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Finchley Police Station from the entrance to Victoria Park. Lens set to focal length 48mm. ISO set to 800. Aperture set to f8. Shutter speed of first shot = 1/1000th. Second shot was at 1/800th.

Finchley Police Station - Vertical
Finchley Police Station – Vertical
Finchley Police Station - Horizontal
Finchley Police Station – Horizontal

The road is closed
The Community Officer
stands and processes
so many questions
but not the truth
because the truth
is not what they want to know

To admit to the truth
is to admit to complicity
in murder or manslaughter
for a cyclist lies dead
and the road is closed

So Death takes charge
reminding us
of his omniprescence

A single slip or mistake
a fatal eror for which
we shall be accountable

Police car blocks
The daily traffic
blue tape wavers in the wind
halting even the careful steps
of the curious pedestrian

no further, the looks say
as measures are taken
to locate that moment of death
when life ceased
and the officers
began to ponder
lost time in the cafe
after all
life is conditional on death

For today they look
at death on the beat
and it holds them
attention trapped
in a need to do the job
60yrs of experience
no weapon in a cyclist’s defence
against a large white van

Martin Addison – 06/08/2013