Man, Tall in Black, leads horse
Long Gun; Longer shadow
Outlaws sought and Bounties
Paid in blood red Dollars
The bitter past revenged

Small town America; Reduced to small screen
Cinematic dusty streets,
Saloon and Outlaws, gone
Bounties Paid on delivery
Of every commodity but death

On grainy computer tarmac
Trucker drives 500 horses
Silver Dollar Freightliner
Seeking the railroad depot
Where the dark tale began…

Martin Addison – 09/03/2018


The Wall

Set not in Stone
The wall breathes
Trembles with anticipation
Of cannonballs with leather skin
Prepares for mortal wound
A blow to wedding tackle
Protective hands and arms
Risk Referee’s wrath
As kick is struck
And reactions slow
Like a rabbit in the headlights

Martin Addison – 12/07/2017

Ascot Races

Heels clattering, Excited chattering
a running throng, wine bottles determinedly grasped
The Ladies Day gallop is underway
With fancy hats clasped to running heads

Morning suits – Trouser’d stripes and coat tails
Burnished Top hat and patent leather shoes
Stately procession with wife on arm
Impressions are everything – There’s no call to run

Sharp suits, sharp shades and winkle-picker shoes
Closely shaved in a haze of aftershave
Open beer bottles hide Lads jokes
As they watch the fillies with gimlet eyes

Observation of race goers changing trains at Clapham Junction… Martin Addison – 24/06/2017