Alone in Solo walks today – passing neighbours; become strangers

Wondering – am I clean – itchy nose

Fearful of the unknown – known

Mother’s day without flowers – without hugs

Family time is the time of separation

No hands; no contact

Love clings to hope for tomorrow

The chance to open arms again

And hold each other

In the Warmth of Togetherness

A dim light – glowing in the dark of now

Yesterday is written down
Kept for posterity
From Today
True is tarnished
Its ink corroded
A metallic presentation of a past
Controlled records hide fact
With convenient truth
The RAM is corrupted
And the memory is lost

Martin Addison: 28/11/2019

Tomorrow is…
Of that there may be doubt
Oh!, the Crows argue its significance
yet fly from its certainty
for tomorrow is a matter of debate
future lacks substance
unless televised in advance
Time’s arrow diverted and dispelled
As matter dissolves
into tomorrow
and ends
Full Stop…


Martin Addison 23/11/2019