I live, I breathe, Today,

A Today spent among
The promises of tomorrow,
And the death
Of tomorrow

I carry the choice of war
With the threat
Of Peace
Which will you choose
I wonder?

My gloved hand holds
A secret
But to which future?
Only you can tell.

You live, You choose, Today


Martin Addison, 12/12/2015

Sunday November 09th 2014 saw us recalling the centenary of the outbreak of World War One and remembering the dead of both world wars and numerous conflicts since. My Remembrance Sundays are usually centred around attending the service at my local church. Sometimes circumstances preclude this act of solidarity with those who gave all in defence of our freedoms – my son was ill in 2009 and we were in Barnet Hospital on that Sunday…It didn’t stop me attending the Remembrance Parade in Barnet though and capturing this image…


…This year I attended the Remembrance Parade at Euston Station – a little off my local area…

Euston Parade_01

Euston Parade_02

…So why was I at the Euston Remembrance Parade? Because Remembrance Sunday saw the first run of a steam locomotive out of the new St.Pancras Station and I felt that I should record the passage of the train through Kentish Town. I give you Royal Scot Class Locomotive 46115…

46115 b&w_01_1024

46115, The Robin Hood, Kentishtown_01_1024

46115, The Robin Hood, Kentishtown_02_1024

…Named ‘Scots Guardsman’, I think she was a fitting choice of locomotive for Remembrance Sunday πŸ™‚ The 11th of November is officially Remembrance Day – Please try to find time to recall those who gave their lives for our freedoms as you go about your daily business.