Needs to have at least 5 letters and start with P

Police Interceptor……a Skoda VRS parked outside my house 🙂

Pompeian Child……Painting by Arcadi Mas i Fondevila – Collection Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

Photographic Portrait (Candid)……Carol in Blue, Pink and Purple Scarf.

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It’s been a while since I posted an update on Wingate & Finchley’s matches in the Ryman Premier Division.   In truth, I have hit a bit of a block when trying to get up the enthusiasm to produce a match report.    This is due to getting a couple of matches behind when the league was playing catch-up after the bad weather set in back in February combined with a set of major releases to our applications at work.   It reached the stage where I either didn’t have the time or was too tired to sit down and do a lengthy match report.   As I got further and further behind, I frankly reached a point where I really didn’t see the point!   Anyway, I hope to bang out a catching up post to bring the situation up to date this weekend.

Whilst the football has suffered, my photo blogging has gone along fairly well – I’ve missed a couple of weekly photo challenges where I didn’t have anything to hand and didn’t find the time to produce something new but all-in-all I’ve been pleased to take part as often as possible.   I’d like to thank all of you who pop by from time to time to offer a kind comment, press the like button or just to take a look.   Makes it all worthwhile.

However, I’ve been feeling a little jaded recently and perhaps it’s time to explore pastures new.   That doesn’t mean moving on and ceasing to post here – far from it.  But I have really felt the need to expand into other art forms besides photography.   So, given that my son is learning the Clarinet and recently passed his first grade with a merit, I’ve treated myself to a Saxophone  – even if I can’t play it… I’m sure it’ll make some cool photographs! 😉   The other area I thought I’d have a go at is digital art and possibly also the occasional cartoon.   To that end I’ve purchased ArtRage and spent an enthralling couple of hours this afternoon playing with the tools.   I can see this being an excellent remedy for stress!   Anyway, here’s a first effort…

Mango Glass
Mango Glass

…Presumably things will improve with practice and with the use of something more suitable than a mouse!