While I prepare my next post about building a truck company from scratch in Euro Truck Simulator, I have been doing a couple of drives on my main profile to keep my World of Trucks kilometres ticking over. Yesterday’s faux-news post resulted from the last drive in my 750HP Volvo FH16 for a while as I dropped her off in Limoges and picked up ‘Corbières’ – my Renault Magnum.

To give a little background to the fake story, the SCS developers have been putting a lot of effort into making locations recognisable on the newer maps – more so than on the original game areas. The roads more closely resemble those in real life too. Were you to open google maps and look up Bromont-Lamothe you would actually be able to see and recognise the screenshot section of road in street-view. The bar mentioned actually exists as Relais Des Domes in the real world and it’s there in the game too (hidden behind my Tesco trailer)! The level crossing at Létrade further along the D941 is also accurately portrayed.

So what about the farmers blockade, was that in game too? Well, not really although the road was blocked by a combine harvester. What you see in the screenshot is an example of the ai getting in a bit of a tis-was. There was a tractor waiting to come out of Rue de la Forge and the combine wanted to turn in – cue an impasse that the ai was unable to resolve 😉 In order to proceed I had to restart the game to clear the ai vehicles around me. I’ll be talking a bit more about the ai as I continue the build a company series.

But, back to recognisable locations. After shifting a load of Goats Cheese from Limoges to Amsterdam I picked up some new trailers for delivery to Uppsala. The route across Sweden entails using the E4 from Helsingborg to Södertälje (home of Scania) where it merges with the E20. The E20 then routes us around western side of Stockholm before becoming the E4 again for the rest of the drive to Uppsala. In this view ‘Corbières’ is seen at the junction with the 75 route on the south-western side of Stockholm with the impressive Ericcson Globe visible across the rooftops…
…And in the real world you can see where we are on google maps. The junction is on the left and I’ve pinpointed the Ericcson Globe…

…and that’s another example of why I find this game so enjoyable 🙂

Mutton Brook – a small stream that originates in Cherry Tree Woods near East Finchley Station and meanders its way between Finchley and Hampstead Garden Suburb before passing to the north of Temple Fortune and Golders Green to meet with Dollis Brook and form the River Brent. Ultimately the waters here flow into the Thames before making their way out into the Channel. This shot was taken near Henlys Corner – close to Temple Fortune.

Naked Lady – This is a statue by Émile Oscar Guillaume (French, 1867-1942) called La Délivrance and is a copy of the 1919 original bronze statue. The statue was gifted to Finchley by Lord Rothermere in 1927 and was soon christened Dirty Gertie by the locals 😉 When I was a child bus passengers wanting to travel to the stop on the north side of Henlys Corner would ask for ‘the Naked Lady’.

A map of part of Switzerland – but also a Navigation Chart for pilots. To the right of centre is Bern. on the lower left is Lac de Neuchâtel. The compass marking in the bottom centre is a VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Range) navigation beacon. Right of centre at the top is Grenchen – home of Breitling watches and an airfield that I have flown in to. I’ll post the Glorious Technicolour version of this image separately.

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