Trucking Digest

This week took on importance in the SCS community because Saturday marked the 3rd anniversary of the release of American Truck Simulator. The release represented a major milestone in that the developers made a mistake in opting for a smaller scale map than the one used in Euro Truck. Why was that so? It resulted in a prompt decision to rescale the entire released map to match the Euro truck maps and saw the start of a number of innovations that not only impacted on the ongoing expansion of American Truck Sim but also introduced new elements to Euro truck that might not have happened had American Truck been released at the 1:20 scale initially. Now we see ongoing re-mapping of existing maps alongside new development and I wonder if that would have happened without the advent of American Truck Simulator?

That SCS intend to move forwards in both simulators is very apparent from their communications with community. We’ve been shown the next truck to appear in ATS – the International Lonestar……seen in early development courtesy of Carthoo. That’s gonna be one divisive truck – you’ll either love or hate it – I’m tending towards dislike 😉

With the ATS anniversary I thought I’d get into the spirit of things. Three trucks formed the basis of available fleets when the game launched – which was one more than the states delivered back in February 2016. In fact, the Kenworth W900 only made it by the skin of its teeth otherwise we’d have only had the Kenworth T680 and the Peterbilt 579 to choose from at the start. Back then the Peterbilt was my weapon of choice and I chose to fit one of those out in celebration. Here’s a couple of shots from a run between Bakersfield and Elko crossing the only two states in the game when it released, California and Nevada……running through a quiet downtown Stockton in the night before crossing donner pass in the dark and passing Reno’s lights. Here we are clearing Carlin tunnel in dawn’s light after cresting the summit of I80 between Winnemucca and Elko……and finally we parked up next to a Kenworth T680 in a reunion of the first trucks…

I’m aware that one of my followers, Cee, lives in Oregon – a state that was added to American Truck Sim just before Christmas. Here’s some shots from a short drive earlier today carrying a load of butter from The Dalles to Eugene via Portland…

I will finish by adding that I’ve had to add new hardware to my set-up. It was precipitated by having a wheel and pedal for Truck Simulator and the effect that has on other computing wishes and requirements. I think that deserves a post in itself for a full description – maybe next week’s trucking Digest will be a ‘Hardware’ issue? 😉 Rock on everyone 🙂




An Itch I Can’t Scratch

One of the biggest problems I have with American Truck Sim at present is the lack of the Peterbilt 389. It’s the truck I most desire for my personal chariot. I know it’s on the way but it looks like it won’t be in the next release although SCS did share some views of the interior modelling in a recent blog post.

Up until this week all the company’s trucks had been Peterbilt 579’s but I just opened a third garage in Elko, NV. Elko is home to a Kenworth Dealer. I popped in there for a service and whilst I was there took a look at their trucks. I decided to get a Kenworth T680 for the new garage and my next recruit – supporting the local dealer again. I didn’t like the stock colors, so I opted for a mid-blue to differentiate it from the rest of the fleet. The intention was to work on a company skin for the T680 based on the blue using the House Martin badge. This break from standardisation may seem odd but the key components – engine and gearbox are common to both makes. Just a week of game-time down the pixelated road I’m having second thoughts – you see, to my eyes (and it’s irrelevant what color the vehicle is painted) the T680 is ugly compared with the Peterbilt 579. The grill just doesn’t fit with the shape of the hood and I don’t like that much either…
t680…so I’m now having second thoughts about that truck.

Also in the back of my mind is the missing ‘389. Kenworth’s W900 equivalent is a highly respected beast and one that I do like the look of – not as much as the 389 but it is a looker! So now I’m thinking about getting a W900 Sleeper Cab. The cost is almost covered by the money the company makes each week and I’d be trading in another truck to buy it! Which truck though? My 579 sleeper cab or the T680. Elko is out in the wilds when you look at the roads south to Phoenix or Las Vegas. Motels, or at least ones that are still in business, are few and far between. So, I’m thinking of swapping trucks with my employee Simone at Elko and trading in the T680 for a W900. That will give Simone a sleeper cab for those long lonely roads and I can at least massage the itch even if I can’t scratch it! This is probably what my W900 will look like if I do go down the road I’m thinking… w900w900_Head on …I hope you like the colour 🙂