The moments in a football match leading to a penalty……The defenders sandwich the attacker and trip his trailing foot bringing him down. The defender closing from behind should have left his colleague to shepherd the forward wide rather than closing in and causing the foul. Easily said when you’re the cameraman 😉

That’s the action for Nancy’s Challenge this week. We don’t get a lot of ‘Ready, Set,..’ in Football 😉

Today I witnessed through the medium of TV at the principle football tournament of the world a player biting another player. It should be noted that the player in question has a history of such behaviour. If this was in any school playground it would result in the perpetrator being excluded permanently from school – At the first occurrence! This is at least the third time and it begs the question whether the money of the big clubs is more important than fair play on the pitch. FIFA has a responsibility to ensure fair play and that means that opponents should be able to play the beautiful game – without the risk that they might get herpes, aids or other diseases through being bitten by indisciplined opponents. The player concerned is an absolute disgrace and his employers need to look very closely at themselves too if they intend to play him next season 😦