A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of reading the first episode of Tony’s latest comic series Dave’s Dilemma. As a precursor to the series Tony included the relevant section of his previous comic series – 2011 A Rat Odyssey – which included this hilarious episode 🙂   Unfortunately in laughing at it once again, I upset the unwitting victim of the tale – Cedric.   Clearly we need to be aware that comic characters do have feelings.   So, I offered to email Cedric some Stilton Cheese to make it up to him.   Unfortunately my ISP,  complaining that the smell was corroding the server’s printed circuit boards and hard drives, sent it back.   So I’m having to Blog it instead – Hope that’s alright Cedric?

Cropwell Bishop

So here we have some Cropwell Bishop – a fine example of traditional Stilton Cheese from the county of Nottinghamshire.   Ripened for 15 weeks, it has a creamy texture and strong flavour.   The cheese is available from Waitrose and also from the Cropwell Bishop Creamery. Their website is very informative so it’s well worth a visit 🙂