An open space…
A field…
Or a playground maybe?
I see her
On the other side
And I know
She has me in her
Minds Eye

Suddenly she is there
Beside me
Too soon for
Human pace
I feel her warmth
And look into eyes
Brown, enticing
That have the depth
Of eternity

Her hair flows
In an unfelt wind
As her dress,
ill defined
Like chiffon in the moonlight
Barely hides her form

I feel her warmth
In an instant of
Intimate caress
And pressing desires

I am awake
Alone in tumescence
Beneath a rumpled

I try to grasp
The faded memory
I cannot see her
I no longer feel her
That face
Those eyes
Are lost
Vanished with the dress
Like the mists of autumn

A dream Passing
With the night
In the blink of a
Sleeping mind

Martin Addison – 20/11/2012. Inspiration from reading Susan’s poetry.

I suspect that most men have these dreams throughout their adult lives – that strange woman who you can’t quite recognise as anyone who you have ever met.