A Northern Line train approaches Finchley Central from Mill Hill East on April 20th 2021…

The Mill Hill East branch of the Northern Line is the remnant of the Edgware, Highgate & London Railway’s line to Edgware, which became part of the Great Northern Railway. It was part of the network of lines that connected Finsbury Park to Highgate, Finchley and also High Barnet, often referred to as the ‘Northern Heights Railway’. In 1938, the Northern Line connected to the GNR line at East Finchley and the route was electrified through to High Barnet by 1940 allowing tube trains to provide services to central London. It was originally intended to electrify the Edgware branch from Finchley Central too, but this was temporarily closed at the start WWII. The section to Mill Hill East was reopened in 1941 and electrified to serve Inglis Barracks. After the war, the line beyond Mill Hill East was reopened to freight traffic serving The Hale and Edgware with building materials as London expanded in the post war period. The planned electrification was abandoned though and the line was closed again and the tracks lifted beyond Mill Hill East in 1964.

This view looks across the Dollis Valley from Church End, Finchley. In the photo, the nearest bridge carries the line over Crescent Road in Finchley. Beyond that, the train has just crossed the viaduct over Dollis Brook – this is the highest point above ground level anywhere on the London Underground network, 60ft above the road below and a little more above the bed of the brook. The width of the bridges is indicative that the railway was originally double track. In the distance the line curves past an industrial estate into Mill Hill East Station. Houses on Bittacy Rise nestle in the trees on the horizon.

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Heavy truck vibrations
Imposition by key industry
On a small town street
Where shop and restaurant crowd in
Serving local and tourist alike
This narrow tarmac burn
Tributary of the A9 river
Nearing its confluence

Martin Addison – 17/04/2021

“You can never have too many lights!” Trucker wisdom 😉 Heavy trucks like this one serve the economically important forestry and lumber industry in Scotland. This poem and image are my entry for Clare’s Share Your Desktop challenge this month.

It hardly seems like a month ago since we last looked at desktops courtesy of Clare’s challenge. Mine changed back on Jan 28th.

A couple of years back I made a ‘skin’ for trailers in Euro Truck Simulator. This allowed me to have owned trailers painted in our company colours. For those new to my involvement in Truck Simulation, my European company is Martin Transport et Logistique based in Montpellier, France. At the time, I made them in a hands on manner. They worked fine for a year or so and then an update broke them – mods in games often stop working after updates to the main game code. I made a number of attempts to get them working again but couldn’t and, quite often, found myself diverted from that task by wishing to get on with driving – especially when there was an event on that required helping the in-game community.

SCS Software – makers of Euro Truck Simulator 2, and its companion game American Truck Simulator, claim to have the best community ever. It’s fair to say that we often help each other out either with encouragement in events or helping new players with advice (even on things way outside of the games we play!). There is a newer method of adding skins into the game called Mods Studio (created by another member of the playing community) and I had hoped that this would resolve my issue. But I couldn’t get it to work on the pc I use for doing artwork and photography. I mentioned this in passing to one of my fellow drivers and he offered to help. Actually, he said they’d take a look – meaning he was going to get his Good Lady to take a look as she has got Mods Studio working on her pc. All I had to do was send my original artwork. A day or so later and.. Voila!..

…That’s an example of the Best Community Ever at work. This is one of my general haulage fleet, ‘Lady Galadriel’, parked up in my yard at Limoges with one of my company’s curtainside trailers. Come the dawn it will be time to head out on a new day’s work. With the trailer’s now back to displaying the company identity, I’m going to have to review the liveries of all my trucks… But, there’s lots of hauling to be done too 🙂