3rd day of a new month and it’s time to catch up with Brian’s Last on the Card challenge.

The first photo comes from the Canon EOS5D mkIII. It was taken on the 8th of June at the Wingate & Finchley FC Youth Awards – a long and tiring evening for the photographer. I was glad to retire to the bar and relax afterwards. These are some members of the Under 18’s with some of the youth coaches…

last on card EOS5D

…Who knows, one or two of those players might even get to play for the first team during the coming season!

From the Fujifilm X-Pro2 we have a shot taken at Elstree & Borehamwood of a Sullivan Buses vehicle arriving at the station. I’m leading the vehicle slightly as I pan with it to make sure that the camera is focussing on the front…

last on card XPro2

…Taken on the 28th of June, a cropped and straightened version of this shot made it into my most recent Freedom Pass Project post.

Finally, from the Moto g50 we have a shot taken the same day beside the station…

last on card Motog50

…In the centre is a mural celebrating Elstree’s Cinema and TV connections. It includes photos of Elizabeth Taylor, John Mills, Roger Moore and Christopher Lee. I took the photo to send to Epi as a ‘guess where I am today’😂

All shots as taken – just resized for the web.

It may be black as the darkest night
As black as Newgate's knocker
But flickering light illuminates
The fearful huddled faces...

Seated, gasping, frightened
It's cinema night...

Bruises left on biceps
Clutched in panic'd awe
The monster looming large
The teeth in its gaping maw

Fu Man Chu proclaims
'The World Shall Hear from me again'
Then Sexton Blake and Sherlock Holmes
Step forward to save the day

And Robbie appears - In colour no less
It seems we're not really welcome
The Planet is Forbidden
And the Pigdeon is but a stool

So we watched, enthralled...
Enraptured by flickering tales
Old gunslingers, space cowboys
Mad scientists, detectives and monsters

And still they grasp us
The stories seen before
Though old and careworn
Their magic overawes...

Now we hug on the sofa
Finding fear in our homes
Cuddling to stifle shivers...

That's cinema night shared
On the world wide web


I know Cee loves transport in her challenges but we’re going to start with some buildings – in this case an old Odeon Cinema approaching the end of its life…

…no longer showing films, having closed in 1964, it spent a number of years as a car showroom and a furniture store. It was demolished in 2013.

Central house – Finchley Central…

The white is going cream/dirty and the reinforcing bars behind the facade are leaking their rusty residue down the face of each level – ironically adding so much character to a bland 60’s building.

Cream and White…

…The National Bus Company painted its coaches white, so here we have an Eastern National Bristol RE with Plaxton bodywork sitting in Peterborough alongside a cream liveried Bedford YRQ belonging to Everett’s of Atterby. The latter was a rare vehicle, the Bedford YRQ chassis and Duple Viceroy Express body combination only ever being ordered 97 times.