Epi and I took a longish walk on Sunday in a loop around Mill Hill and Totteridge. We’re a bit stiff this morning because it’s a long time since we did an 8 mile walk 😉 It included a visit to a garden centre which allowed me to capture a couple of close-up’s for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge.

I also found some bracken that was just unfurling its leaves…

…and I may even already have a shot for next week’s CMMC 🙂

Me, a while back……Taken for a work passcard and a little out of date – some of the wrinkles have gone since I retired 😉

Happily looking at me taking his photo is Dan, my Apprentice in Photography at Wingate & Finchley……I must send him a copy as he likes photos of himself (an unusual trait in a photographer!) Although he joined the club as a photographer, he’s currently working with the Media Team. As I tell him, it’s all good experience to put on his cv 🙂

I always like to catch candid images – all the better if there’s a touch of humour. Here’s The Groundsman, Chairman and Vice Chairman closely scrutinising the match……Of course, if they were standing pitchside it’d be easier to see what’s going on 😉

Getting down to business, Peter the Kitman and Gav, goalkeeping coach…

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