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R is for Repairs Required!

Going Home Sick
PDL76 is Unwell… The driver makes his slow journey back to base with a sick Dennis Dart, hazards flashing and smoke from the rear – 2 days later she was back on form and photographed flying down long Lane 🙂

Accidents will happen, especially in bus stations where large vehicles have to work in close proximity and often on short timescales. The National Express coach swung out to go around the coach in front, into the path of a Metroline Volvo. The bus was already in motion, having pulled out to go round the 13 bus I was sitting on. Inevitably there was a collision. I think the bus was in the blind spot of the coach driver’s mirrors and he forgot to glance over his shoulder. But that’s my interpretation. I’m sure the insurance companies decided to go knock for knock;-)

So then there was the some light entertainment for us passengers. At one stage there were 5 people taking notes. Both drivers, the London Buses man in this photo, a Metroline representative and one from National Express. A Transdev man was there as well checking that his vehicle (the bus I’m sitting in) wasn’t involved.

Fixing It
Here we have an example of repairs in hand – the travelling mechanic delves in the steering bits while the driver holds the access panel open. The eagle-eyed among you will spot the universal fixer underneath – is that a 2lb hammer I see? 😉

When all else fails
When all else fails, it’s time to call on your preferred recovery agent – in this case Lantern from South Mimms assisting a dead Dennis Dart of Metroline. It’s home and an early bed for you my lad.. 😉

From My Archive I Choose…

N is for Night Workers

   As night falls and most people go home at the end of their day, the Night Workers come on duty

   The late shift Bus Driver with his solitary forlorn passenger…Late Bus

   The Road sweepers on the busy dual carriagewayRoad Sweepers

   The truckers driving through the night with a next day deliveryNight Truck

   The overnight inspection teams – looking for troubleBridge Inspection

   The All-Night filling station with its midnight cruisersAll Night Filling Station

   The early-opening Cafe – supper for the Night WorkersEarly Breakfast