25137 and 25127 Await Their Fate


A pawl of smoke

A funereal shroud

For those who once

Worked hard and proud

No more passengers

or freight to haul

Just the muted silence

Of the graveyard


A peaceful rest then

For a few more weeks

Before the cutters torch

With its burning finality

Then nothing

But the greying photographs

And my ageing memories

A past put to bed


The End of Days For 08357

Poem by Martin Addison, 14/01/2012.

From my Archive I choose AEC

Makers of London’s RT and Routemaster buses they also supplied vehicles to other UK operators and across the world.

First I present a Reading Transport example of a Regent with the traditional tall AEC radiator…

Reading Corporation 304
Reading Corporation 304

And to follow, an example of an AEC Regent V with the later square radiator design in service with Devon General…

Devon General 510
Devon General 510

A lively bit of cornering 😉