Cee’s photo for this week can be seen on the Midweek Madness Challenge post and has numerous possibilities for topics. Some suggested options are “pink, flower, field, garden, painter, artist, paint supply, grass, woman, candid, hat,” Lets get going with some of those options 👍

In a field of the casually clothed, a smartly dressed gent stands out from the crowd…

21548 at Notting Hill Gate

…I’m claiming the tongue in cheek ‘field’ along with hat and candid for this one😎

Nice and simple pattern made of flowers…

Pink n Red

…That’s got pink and red covered 👍

I guess we should have an artist at work…

Autumn Artists

…So, yes, that’s an artist or painter, candid, grass, garden (Kew), hat, woman and the shot is contre jour 👍

And finally…

Corbel KX07HFF at Finchley Lido

…A pink coach 😎

My first post for Nancy’s challenge in a very long while. Time to reconnect 😎👍

Cows on a farm…

Cattle on Ganwick Farm

…Most of them lying down, chewing the cud. That means they’re working at producing tomorrows milk ready for when the tanker turns up 😅

You can catch up with Nancy’s Photo a Week Challenge Here.

Running a little later than normal with my entry for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge 😐

Here’s something to give you square eyes…


…Pixels – click on the image to take a closer look!

Here’s some Pyracantha blossom…


…I’ll probably be able to use the berries for the August CMMC 😂

Finally, here’s a close up of the catch on my toolbox…