The effect of the new football season is kicking in – I’m going to have to adjust my time management 😉 Here is my entry for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge and I have chosen a couple of options.

Lets start with Pink and conveniently our first match of this season was at home against Margate, whose away kit features a pink shirt…

Black & White with lines??? How about this Mercedes-Benz grill?..

Or this Berry’s coach with its swirly lines in white and grey?..

Finally, and a late addition. A Jersey Tiger for lines and close-up 🙂

Found that on my walk this morning. Hopefully I will be back on time by the end of this week and able to complete next week’s challenge 🙂

Epi and I took a longish walk on Sunday in a loop around Mill Hill and Totteridge. We’re a bit stiff this morning because it’s a long time since we did an 8 mile walk 😉 It included a visit to a garden centre which allowed me to capture a couple of close-up’s for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge.

I also found some bracken that was just unfurling its leaves…

…and I may even already have a shot for next week’s CMMC 🙂

Damp mist's chill
Penetrates coat and body
To cling to bone
Of those exiled from inside

Solace sought in a cigarette
Just one more drag
Need tempering desire
Illusory warmth inhaled

The brutalist building
An architype to dampen the spirit
Gives a cold shoulder
And Deepens the oppressive chill

Martin Addison – 06/04/2021