One of the hazards of transport photography is the Passengers. Yesterday at Hampstead Heath I had to shoot around some passengers who were blissfully unaware of what was happening around them. For example……though this follow-up shot of 66599 with the 4L31 Bristol – Felixstowe intermodal may offer some explanation……Clearly the conversation was more interesting than the passing freight 😉

Mustn’t grumble though as Passengers make for human interest in my transport photographs. This young lady adding some foreground interest as 700054 pulls into Denmark Hill…

And sometimes they provide some humour – For example……Are these guys paying homage to 66150 as she passes with the 6V12 Chelmsford to Acton stone empties?


Consumer Choices

Morning Coffee…
or Champagne Lunch…

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Close ups

Not close enough to be a macro but close enough to enjoy a laugh with one of our players after the annual awards ceremony. I’ve known Ola for around 10 years now and seen him grow from young kid to elder statesman within the team. He still loves having his picture taken and liked this very tweaked portrait 🙂

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