Michelle W asked… “When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do you see the forest first, or the trees?”

Lone Trees

I see trees, Lone trees
Each planted with deliberation
Or accidentally vagrant
In the plots behind
Terraced suburban lives

Then I see birds
flying tree to tree
Oases of food
And protection from predation
Safe refuge in
The brick and concrete desert
Of suburban lives

Tits and Robins
Finches – In Finchley,
Where else!
The occasional Woodpecker
And, ever rarer
The Cockney Sparrer
Each living their
Suburban lives

Martin Addison, 10/05/2013

Blue Tit

Cockney Sparrer

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The concept of placing subjects that contrast alongside each other is a key photographic compositional tool. It adds tension to the photograph thus creating interest for the viewer. This effectively means placing opposites within the frame – small and large, old and new, light and shade. It can also be a more subtle contrast – using colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel. Here are a few examples…

A Suburban Terrace dwarfed by 132kV powerlines.

Living in the Shadow
Living in the Shadow

Living and Dead, tall and short, yellow and blue.
Dead Tree
Dead Tree

Colours from the opposite side of the colour wheel.
Red and Green
Red and Green

Is this last one a Juxtaposition? Over to you…
Bus and Pub
Bus and Pub