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Corvus Curiosa

Corvus Curiosa

Actually a Carrion Crow – Corvus Corone…

Lots of C’s there… 🙂

And he’s curious to work out what that thing is I’m pointing at him.   He knows it’s not a gun otherwise he’d be off!   It’s a Canon – Perhaps he’s only seen Nikon’s before 😉

The Starling Gang


There’s a gang outside my window

Hard men one and all

Hair brilliantined like 50’s spivs

And challenging with their calls


All tooled up – Bright yellow daggers

Beady eyes and sharp cut suits

Pickings of the day upon the tray

Are what the gang disputes


Warfare on a city street

Mr Blackbird’s soon seen off

Sparrer’s don’t dare come to see

Wot’s lying there to scoff


Then suddenly the gang’s all gone

The Pigeon police have arrived

Now there’s a thing – Not Rats with Wings

But Woody from the countryside


Martin Addison, 21/06/2011

Mrs Blackbird
Mrs Blackbird in the Rowan

In my garden, outside my office window, stands a Rowan.  At this time of the year the buds are just bursting and the new leaves are preparing to cover the bare branches in a bright new yellowy-green.  In less than a month it will be covered in white flowers and full of birds hunting insects to feed their young.   So many species come to the tree, from Goldcrests and Blue Tits to Magpies and Wood Pigeons.   Even the occasional Woodpecker.  As the year wears on the leaves turn a darker shade of green and the berries form.  By August the berries ripen into a glorious red and the Blackbirds and Starlings  move in to fatten up for the approaching winter.  The arrival of autumn sees the leaves turn yellow, then brown and fall to ground.   The last of the berries will be fought over by the Blackbirds and possibly some Fieldfares.   Through the dark days of winter it sways in the wind and still provides shelter for passing birds, its trunk green with algae.  It’s been there some 25 years now, having grown from a seed that a passing Blackbird dropped – I really ought to say thank you for all the entertainment it gives me every year!   Now that’s a magic tree 🙂