Happy Halloween!

Ghosties and Ghoulies and Long-legged Beasties…

Delivery for Dr Frankenstien or was that Frank-N-Furter? Never mind here’s more power for your monst…I mean laboratory 😉

Happy Halloween everyone 🙂


Trucking Digest

We’re a day late for which I apologise. It has been a very busy week with two football matches to photograph and some IRL things that needed to be done. I’m going to start this week with something non-Truck Simulator.

Sometimes we have to make difficult choices in virtual life. These may be driven by those real life issues often referred to as disc space. I wanted to try out a couple of other games and looked long and hard at the games currently installed on my hard drive. I took into account how often I currently play certain games and how likely I am to play them again. I decided that it was time to blow the final whistle on Train Simulator. That was a very hard choice as it has given me much enjoyment over the years but in my heart I knew I would not be going back there. There is an issue with the design of that game when compared with the Truck Simulators. Free roam gives you a clear track with only speed limits to worry about. Scenarios give you issues like unexpected red signals and other delays to your journey but they do not change with each new run. There is no element of randomness like there is in the Truck Simulators. To illustrate the point, I did three runs along the same stretch of road in Euro Truck between Düsseldorf and Luxembourg this morning. The road didn’t change but the traffic situations and weather did meaning that each drive was totally different. That just does not happen in Train Simulator and that is what has killed an otherwise enjoyable game for me 😦 Uninstalled and around 100GB released for other games.

I have recently added My Summer Car to the games on the pc so you may occasionally see something from that madcap game. And I’ve added Fallout 4 which is a post apocalyptic role play and shooter just to give myself a little variety. Ongoing regulars are Car Mechanic Simulator and Fishing Planet. There are a number of other games also being tried out too. Anyway, back to the trucks.

During the past two weeks while the Trade Connections – Germany event has been progressing, one or two interesting bits of news have seeped out of Vlad Dracula’s modern castle in Prague, otherwise known as SCSHQ. Firstly, there is the ongoing ‘missing’ Renault Range-T. SCS completed the build of this truck a couple of years ago so why isn’t it available in the game? It’s down to licensing as always but the Renault situation is more complicated than most because the Renault diamond logo is worn by both the trucks and the cars. Where’s the issue with that? Renault Trucks and Renault Cars are now totally separate companies and SCS have to get agreement from both for any Renault badged vehicles to be added to the game. So, we’re going to have to rely on the venerable Magnum and Premium for a while yet. In America, things are looking better. Reputedly, we will be getting an official Volvo VNL very soon (next month!?) and it’s likely that another company’s trucks (Navistar or Western Star?) will also become available in game soon too. This slipped out in a Twitter conversation post the deployment of the Oregon DLC but is almost certainly a true representation of the state of play. Of course, we have to temper our enthusiasm with the knowledge that SCS don’t use the standard 24hr clock or the Gregorian Calendar when talking about releases 😉

How is the Trade Connections – Germany event going? It’s dragging along nicely. In my last post I mentioned my concern that the community was going to be spread pretty thinly and I think that is the case as I see a mix of tweets relating to Europe and to the Oregon DLC. I’ve personally done all my hauling this week in ETS2 – driving in and out of Germany for the Community. SCS set a very big total of Tonnes-hauled for us to achieve – 50 million. At the time of writing we’ve achieved 9.9 million tonnes over a 2-week period. SCS apparently set the total so high to give players whose commitments get in the way of their real job of driving virtual trucks – ‘to give them a chance to complete the challenge and earn the rewards’. Some players have complained about the short duration of these challenges in the past so I can see where they’re coming from. But it’s a big challenge for the community. I’ve personally shifted over 750t so far with 41 deliveries and I’ll keep nibbling away at it until we get there. But next week I’ll be doing a mix of ETS2 and American Truck to break up the party a little – it’ll be nice to get back in the FLB after these modern Euro Trucks.

I have added to our Martin Transport et Logistique fleet this week, buying a Scania Streamline with a 580HP V8 Euro VI engine. This is going to be the first of a small number of trucks in the fleet aimed at Heavy Haul and she’s a full time 6×4. I’ve also expanded the company into Clermont, passed the MAN to my senior driver at Montpellier and moved the original Merc to Clermont for our new driver Jenevive. So we’re up to 4 drivers plus myself and 4 trailers (3 curtainsiders and one flatbed). My fleet will now be comprised of Merc New Actros 4×2’s, MAN TGX 6×2/4 mid-lift’s and Scania 6×4’s. I have one Volvo which will get sold and replaced in the future for reasons of standardisation. In terms of drivers we’re an equal opportunities company – 2 male and 2 female drivers currently. In non-company terms, the current challenge requiring me to do World of Trucks jobs is pushing me rapidly towards that 1 million km Longest Job achievement too 🙂 Here’s some shots of our new Scania…

…The ones without the chrome grill were taken on shakedown runs. Then I completed upgrading her appearance with additional pieces inside and out. Hope you like the colour 🙂

Keep safe everyone and good wishes for the road ahead 🙂

Trucking Digest

I don’t think the digital ink was dry on my last digest when we had yet another SCS Software surprise.  Friday morning and I was planning to have a drive in Oregon.  I was just checking on Twitter for anything regards Saturday’s football match (home to Leatherhead) when in popped a tweet from SCS – All drivers complete your World of Trucks jobs because the servers will be taken down for maintenance in, I think, 30 minutes.  Oh! well – perhaps I’ll have a run out in Oregon this afternoon 😦   I went and played with some household chores for a while 😉

Before that announcement I had been out and about mainly in American Truck Sim quite a bit.   I had been driving the Dawg for, I realised, over a month – that’s a long time in one truck!  I like to have a bit of variety and as I reported at the end of the last Digest I had finally bought a different truck – the Freightliner FLB.  This, like the Dawg, is another workshop mod from Harven and a really fun truck to drive.  After driving that Mack for so long I was amazed at how wibbly-wobbly the cab is on the FLB.  It is something that a couple of fellow drivers have commented on but I hadn’t really noticed it so much before.   Apparently it’s actually quite realistic and I have heard a tale from a trucker on YouTube about the need to strap yourself into the bunk of an FLB when running a crew operation because otherwise you end up on the floor, wedged behind the drivers seat!   I’ve equipped her with a 500HP Detroit Diesel 60 Series engine and a 13 speed Eaton-Fuller gearbox (with a retarder).  This should give enough power for those heavier jobs in Oregon that I was talking about last time.   She’s also painted in a rather fetching metallic – and looks a little ‘evil’ as a result.   I’ve also added a ‘Turbo Wing’ – that’s a first for me as I thought that these were just an in-game fashion accessory but I’ve now found videos of real world FLB’s sporting them and it really does go well with the dark colorscheme.  I’m thinking of a name for her at present but ‘Witchy Woman’ is a possibility.  Here she is running through a nicely wooded area on the road to Newport from Bend…

We’ve done a bit of sightseeing up the coast in Oregon now, visiting Yaquina Point Lighthouse……and crossing the Historic Yaquina Bridge too…
…The rain never seems far away in Oregon compared with California!

Then came the bombshell from SCS – Server update done and here is a new ETS2 Community Challenge! Deliver cargoes to or from Germany using 10 different countries. Then continue delivering with a community goal of 50 Million Tonnes transported. The idea is that we can show our support to the team working hard to bring those wonderful improvements to the older sections of the map starting with Germany. I sometimes wonder what SCS are thinking! A lot of people have just bought the Oregon DLC and like me are exploring its wonderful scenery. We’ve just got trailer ownership and once again, players are exploring how that works and creating their own trailer skins. To throw a Community Challenge into the mix at this time is, not to put too fine a point on it, asking the community to spread itself very thinly! That said, as you will expect from the previous Community challenge, a lot of us are rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in!

Despite a Saturday’s football I completed the personal aspect of the challenge on Monday. I also decided to change my Euro VI engines only rule during this challenge because I wanted the home comforts of the MAN TGX so we completed in one of those……Now we’re shifting tonnage as best possible. These shots are from a run early this morning – driving across the newly reworked sections of the German map from Hamburg to the Polish border with a load for Bialystok…

…I’ve since done two more runs, back to Nurnberg and then out to Szeged in Hungary. That’s a lot of driving and 85 tonnes shifted – which is a drop in the ocean with 45 million tonnes still to go for the Community Total. Thank the Lord I’m not alone!

Back in America and this left me having a giggle…… Has to be good for a caption competition 😉

“I sure did but I ain’t paying California rates for diesel!”

“No Herbicide being committed here Officer”

“Honest Officer – They told me it was Hay!”

I’ll leave you with a bit of C.W.McCall – though you’ll need to be quick with your ears to keep up…