Freedom Pass Project – Update

I didn’t get out and about much last week for a variety of reasons, so when I went out on Friday I really went to town on clearing some terminal stations and terminating points. If you want to follow my day’s journey, there’s a map here. There’s a lot to cover, so lets get started…

I took the bus across to Arnos Grove – a terminating point on the Piccadilly Line. Here’s a view of the station’s eastbound platform buildings from the westbound platform…

Arnos Grove Station (3)

…Through trains use platforms 1 & 4. Terminating trains use the single centre track accessed from platforms 2 & 3. Here’s my train arriving from the west…

Piccadilly 127 at Arnos Grove

…It will form a service to Northfields in West London and I’ll be taking it as far as Piccadilly Circus.

At Piccadilly Circus I changed onto the Bakerloo Line. You may recall my recent trip out to Harrow & Wealdstone to visit the northern terminating points of the Bakerloo. This time I’m heading south to Elephant & Castle…

Elephant & Castle Station (Bakerloo)

…where I took this shot of my train standing in one of the two Bakerloo Line platforms. Above ground the station, which is also served by the Northern Line, has quite a modern aspect…

Elephant & Castle Station

…It is currently surrounded by building works following the demolition of the adjacent 1960’s shopping mall. There has been a lot of new building in the area and sometime I will have to visit to get some more general photos but now it’s time to go back underground and onto the Northern Line.

The rest of the day’s objective was to visit the outstanding destinations on the Docklands Light Railway – I recently crossed off Lewisham and Canary Wharf. So, from Elephant, I took the Northern Line to London Bridge and then changed to the Jubilee Line heading east to Canning Town.

Canning Town has 4 DLR and 2 Jubilee Line platforms. Platforms 1&2 are served by Stratford International to Woolwich Arsenal services and are the reversing point for trains operating the Beckton branch…

Canning Town Station (1)

…Platforms 3 & 4 are above the Jubilee Line platforms…

Canning Town Station (2)

…and are served by Tower Gateway – Beckton and Bank – Woolwich Arsenal trains.

My first trip was out to Beckton…

Beckton DLR Station

…An area of London once dominated by Beckton Gas Works. The station is pretty spartan…

DLR 42 at Beckton

…But at least there is a large supermarket across the road which is handy when needing to relieve oneself and to get some lunch😅

Fed and watered, it’s back to Canning Town where I pick up a northbound service to Stratford International station. I often share shots from Stratford on my blog so it’s time to point out that there are actually 3 stations in Stratford and the one I’m going to is only served by the DLR. It’s hidden away below ground in a concrete trough…

Stratford International DLR Station

…and located in the middle of the 2012 Olympic Village! In keeping with much of the DLR, it’s utilitarian to a fault!..

Stratford International DLR Station (2)

…It also connects with the other Stratford International – The one that is truly international, being served by Eurostar trains to France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Time to head south – back through Canning Town, Silvertown…

DLR 48 approaching West Silvertown

…and London City Airport before diving under the Thames to terminate at Woolwich Arsenal…

Woolwich Arsenal DLR Station (1)
Woolwich Arsenal DLR Station (2)

…Which is next door to the National Rail station of the same name…

Woolwich Arsenal Station

For those of you who have followed my journey so far, I then went home. Southeastern from Woolwich Arsenal to London Bridge. Then Thameslink on to Kentish Town where I picked up the Northern Line back to East Finchley😎 And that is all the Docklands Light Railway Termini cleared from my list along with the Bakerloo Line👍


  1. You have the nicest train adventures. Such an appealing day. Do you ever meet other train enthusiasts using their Freedom Pass similar to your travel days?

    1. I do meet other enthusiasts occasionally – sometimes we might have a chat but most times we keep to our own space. Transport enthusiasm is a broad church and we all want different things from the hobby. Can’t say I’ve met any fellow Freedom Passer’s but I might have done. I’m sure some people with a pass have done the furthest point’s thing as you don’t have to be a railway enthusiast to want to do that! Doing the terminating places thing is very much my own project which I doubt anyone else is replicating. Thanks for the kind comment Debra😎👍

      1. I am sure you’re accurate. Most of us want to pursue our interests with our own intentions, but I picture you finding camaraderie along the way, even if just a “knowing nod” from time to time. I am creating a cinematic image in my mind. LOL!

      2. There were a couple of unexpected interactions on Wednesday’s trip out – so watch out for my report🤣

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