CMMC – April Pick a Topic from my Photo

Catching up with Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge on a Sunday morning. This time Cee has suggested the following topic ideas; ‘neighborhood, road or street, green, grass, flowers, landscaped, yellow, cloudy, tree, yard, gray, spring or summer…’

Lets start with neighborhood, road or street with a shot of The Grove in Church End, Finchley on Thursday this week…

The Grove, Finchley

For green, yellow, tree and spring here’s 377606 arriving at Carshalton station yesterday evening…

377606 at Carshalton

Gardens, grass, green, flowers and trees – Victoria Park, Finchley taken on Thursday…

Victoria Park, Finchley

Finally, an archive shot for clouds, landscaped, green and path…

Urban Maze Reloaded

This last shot is an example of the pace of change and why we need to keep photographing the everyday scene – Wembley Stadium, on the horizon, is no longer visible from here because of new housing built on the green area between. I guess I’d better get a current view 😉👍


  1. The shot including the clouds is particularly beautiful, Martin. Just perfect! You always have a wealth of photos to pull from for this challenge. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks Debra 😎👍 The Grove and Victoria Park were both taken for this challenge. The last shot is an HDR image which enhanced the details of the clouds 😉

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