CMMC: April Granny Smith Apple (light green) Colors

Defining ‘Granny Smith Apple’ was a bit hard for me to visualise, so I’ve taken my prompt from Cee’s images for this Midweek Madness Challenge.

Here’s some grafitti on a passing wagon that I photographed last Thursday…

Graffiti Sumit

Potters Bar’s goalkeeper was wearing a fetching shade of green during our match the Saturday before…

Wingate & Finchley 2 vs Potters Bar 0 (2022/23)

…I’m surprised the ref allowed that kit as it’s very similar to their outfield player’s kit!

Southern employ a bright green livery as displayed by 377203 at Harrow & Wealdstone back in March…

377203 at Harrow & Wealdstone

Finally, 61306 displays a British Railways version of LNER Apple Green livery at Stratford…

61306 at Stratford (2)


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