CMMC – March Pick a Topic from my Photo

This is an entry for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge. Cee has suggested a number of possible subjects from her photo including; ‘geometric shapes, sidewalk, brick, pavers, outdoor mall, rainy, eating, food, candid, trees, tables, chairs…’ Lets see what we can find in my archive👍

I think this shot will do for geometric shapes, sidewalk, pavers and rainy…

Millenium Bridge and Tate

…A view looking towards the Millennium Bridge and the Tate Modern from St. Pauls.

Here’s some food to warm you up after a day out in the rain…

Muttar Paneer Special

…Muttar Paneer Special (I’ve included some sliced mushroom and red pepper😅).

Back out into the rain again and some geometric shapes, pavers and sidewalk…

Stratford Bus Station

…A lot of sidewalk! – Stratford Bus Station.

Finally for eating, food and candid…

Wingate & Finchley Youth Awards (2021/22)

…Young footballers enjoying pizza at Wingate & Finchley’s Youth Team Awards event.


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