After a long break during which the developers have fixed a number of bugs, I have returned to Way of the Hunter. Initially, I did a couple of side missions on the Nez Perce (US) map. They were both small game hunts – American Badger and Fox – so I was mainly using the Steyr Scout .223 rifle. I also carried the Steyr Monobloc, with .308 ammo and added a couple of deer to my hunt tally. It seems that my rifle shooting skills are still intact after the long break. Then I tried hunting Pheasant with a shotgun. That skill has deserted me, so I will need get some practise in😟

After getting my muscle and key-bindings memory sorted, I had to decide where I wanted to hunt. I think the story quest on the Nez Perce map is getting in the way of my hunting so I’m going to put that on hold. Instead, I decided to take a look at the Transylvania map. Both of the maps supplied with the base game have great scenery and the initial view from the balcony of the main hunting lodge doesn’t disappoint…


…The river in the view is the mighty Danube. There are several marshy areas where tributaries join like the one in the view and that speaks of plenty of wildfowl opportunities – Indeed my first animal bagged on this map was a Greylag Goose. I did miss several others🙄

I have only started finding my way around the map, so most of it is currently unknown but here’s what it looks like currently…


…With the Danube forming the southern boundary. The hunting lodge is by the Adanc Expanse label. When you are leaving the lodge, you’ll find garlic and a cross hanging by the door…


…I can’t imagine why…

Initially, the hunting opportunities seem few and far between – probably because of the background spawning of the animals. I started out looking for animal need points – feeding and drinking locations mainly. Drinking locations are easiest to find – just wander up a watercourse. On one of my early forays, I followed a stream up into the Lempes Hills to the north of the Lodge…


…Close to the border of the Aurora Wood private hunting area, I found evidence of Fallow Deer drinking. I secreted myself on a bank overlooking the site and waited patiently. Eventually, a small herd showed up…


…You can see that one of the herd was a young male and most of the others were also young. The game emphasises correct herd management – you are encouraged to only shoot low value adult or mature animals to enhance the gene pool. That’s how you will ultimately get high trophy value animals to spawn – it’s a gaming way of rewarding the player for acting like a responsible gamekeeper. So those youngsters will not be shot. If the whole herd is made up of young animals then I will just leave them be and put the gun away. However, on this occasion, there is a mature 1-star buck at the back. I waited until I had a clear shot from a good angle and then fired with the Steyr Pro Hunter .243. He made some distance downstream with the help of gravity before finally going down…


…The others fled back into the woods.

You can see that I’m carrying a shotgun alongside the rifle. I quickly learnt that there are several smaller species in the area – Golden Jackal, Fox, European Badger and Roe Deer – so I now normally carry the Steyr Scout .223 for those alongside the Pro Hunter .243 for the larger deer. But once I find myself in Red Deer territory, I’ll need to carry something more powerful like the Remington 673 ‘Guide Rifle’. I currently switch out the .243 for the Monobloc .308 if it’s Wild Boar that I’m after.

Here’s a sequence from another hunt – this time Roe Deer beside the river going diagonally up the centre of the map…


…You can’t make out the animals in the scenic view above, but looking with the binoculars I could see them and after moving closer, get a clear view…


…Yes, the guy at the back will be my target…


…Taken down with the Scout .223.

That concludes this brief reintroduction to Simulated hunting in Way of the Hunter on PC😎👍

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