Fresh Fields

July – As predicted, a busy month. The first week was taken up largely by a big harvesting job for a neighbour at the north end of the village. This was the largest field I have tackled so far…


…and I delivered lots of trailer loads of Wheat to the grain store. The combined contract payment and harvest bonus earnt me €6700! And I still had time to cultivate the Oilseed Radish back into the ground of field 2 at the end of the week… That field is now ready for Canola, which I can sow in August.


The second week saw more harvesting, this time to the southeast near the sawmill…


…I used the second half of the week to mow my grass and make hay…


I took a stroll in the evening at the end of that week, north along the track behind my fields and up the hill. I was looking at other people’s fields…


…I have enough money to buy a 4th small field and I needed to check them out. I’d already looked at fields 8 and 9, located behind the houses across the main street. 8 has a crop of Sunflowers growing in it while 9 is laying fallow. I’m not equipped to handle Sunflowers and both fields require taking a circuitous route from my yard. The field I was inspecting in the late evening is field 14. It’s easy access for me along the track at the back of the yard and it has a crop of Soya Beans which I can harvest. Decision taken – I purchased field 14 in the 3rd week of July😎

The 3rd week and I’m back harvesting again…


…This time I have taken a double job to harvest Wheat in fields 40 and 44, which are adjacent to each other. It makes things convenient as I can leave the Combine there all week until the work is done. Field 40 is quite a nice field and a possible future purchase as it is close by and easy to access for me – this is a view of my tractor passing my Soya crop in field 3…


…with field 40 in the distance and my combine sitting up in field 44 beyond. I shall have to put together €60k if I want to buy field 40 though, so that’s way in the future.

I finished off week 3 with a cultivation job for a neighbour in field 46…


…That’s the latest I’ve worked in Osada and that windmill made it a little creepy😅

There was another harvest job to kick off the last week of the month, then I decided to replenish our seed and fertilizer supplies. That resulted in a bit of a tidy-up. Shuffling out the machinery…


…then moving the herbicide container to the large shed. Putting the seeds and fertilizer into the wooden shed…


before moving the Seeder and Spreader back into the wooden shed once more.

I picked up a couple more cultivation tasks to complete the week – one of which was in field 40. Work done, here’s a view from field 40 looking towards my farmyard…


…between the trees and across my fields, in the distance.

Here’s a view of the map which will help clarify the lay of the land…


…The fields I own have blue numbers and field 40 is at the southern end of the centre section of the map.

August will be another busy month and will include more work on my own fields – see you soon😎👍

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