Fresh Fields

Last time I left us needing to make some major changes in the second half of June. Those have been done. The farm now has a new vehicle shed along one side of the yard allowing me to park up almost everything😎 Here are some views…



It’s a simple wooden beam and breezeblock building but it will do the job. As you can see, the roller remains outside and so does the header trailer for the harvester. Everything else is now sheltered.

I also bought a new trailer to haul the grain when we harvest…


…I’ve found it’s a bit too heavy when fully loaded for the Zetor, so I think the Massey Fergusson 178 will be doing the hauling. I have also tried it as a baling trailer – taking the sides off to convert it. It’s not as easy to load as the old trailer because it exposes some of the Farming Simulator Physics…


…allowing things to float through the bed of the trailer. But with a bit of perseverance, it can be loaded and then you get 18 bales per level…


…so with two layers, we’re shifting 36 bales – 10 more than the old trailer can handle. But, again, this is beyond the Zetor’s ability and the Massey will have to handle this in future. I have kept the old trailer for now as it will potentially have a use if I go into livestock and it’s probably still ok for when I mow my own grass field.

That’s June over and done. July will be a busy month with harvesting for other farms and field work on my own land. I need to turn in the oilseed radish in field 2 before sowing Canola as the next crop. I’m also looking at getting money back into the bank account because I’d like to get a 4th field. Finally, my grass is now looking like I can harvest it again, so I need to fit that in too… Busy, Busy, Busy…🤣 See you all soon😎👍

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