Share Your Desktop – February 2023

Middle of the month and time to once again join in with Clare’s Share Your Desktop Challenge.

On my gaming pc we have a screenshot from Car Mechanic Simulator 2021…


This is a 1971 Plymouth GTX. I bought the car as a wreck from the junkyard and lovingly restored it😎 I liked the finished car so much that I’ve kept it👍

Last month’s buses on the Photo pc stayed there until this week. They have now been replaced by a photo I took on Monday during a trainspotting trip. Here it is…

375816 at Waterloo East

Southeastern unit 375816 drifts into Waterloo East station catching the mid-afternoon sun. The chunky building on the right is the Transport for London Operations Centre. Standing tall on the left is The Shard and in the centre is Guy’s Hospital. There is a little story to accompany this photo. I caught a train across to London Bridge where I chanced upon one of my fellow Wingate & Finchley supporters with his Wife and their Grandchildren. He lives in Kent these days, so doesn’t get to many matches although I’m expecting we’ll meet at our away game in Horsham on Saturday. Anyway, the reason for them being on London Bridge was a visit to The Shard. The kids had loved it😊 They were waiting for the train home and when Peter told me which one, I said “Oh! – that’ll be 375816.” That evening, after I’d processed the photos from the day’s spotting, I sent the link for this one to Peter so that he and the kids could have a final souvenir of their day – The Shard and their ride home😅👍


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