It’s a Funny Old Game…

A quote from, I believe, Jimmy Greaves. Last night surely fits the bill for funny in the non-humorous sense.

Yesterday evening Wingate & Finchley played Bowers & Pitsea in a key game for both sides. The-prize, to crawl a little bit clearer of the relegation zone. It was a game where a win was crucial – what we call a 6-pointer. A draw was not really any good to either side, so both teams had to work for victory.

The first half was a non-event – Although Wingate & Finchley had the best of the play, we never looked like scoring and many supporters were unimpressed – I joked that it was so boring that the camera went to sleep.

The second half was a very different affair! Bowers came out and ran the show. They ran rings around our defence and scored a goal that was initially ruled offside but then ruled ok by the referee. we responded by taking off a wingback and replacing him with a younger model (seven year itch syndrome?) πŸ˜…

The visitors scored another goal – a very nice header by an ex-Wingate & Finchley player, Dexter. The management team swapped out two more players – putting more pace into the front line. That would prove to be an astute move.

Bowers then scored a third goal and I have to say it was a beautiful strike 😎 That’s it – all done – game over with 8 minutes and injury time to play…

Except, it wasn’t and hats off to all of the Wingate & Finchley playing team for keeping the faith. We were about to witness an amazing turn around. There was a suspicion that Bowers were likely to crumble if we scored. Sammy Ompreon ran into the area, displaying the pace that we now had, and the Bowers defence just dragged him down…

Wingate & Finchley 4 vs Bowers & Pitsea 3 (2022/23)

…resulting in a penalty which Dylan put away – still 3-1 to the visitors but there were signs of jangling nerves. Within a couple of minutes Ompreon was running back into the area again…

Wingate & Finchley 4 vs Bowers & Pitsea 3 (2022/23)

…He was lifted off his feet by the defender inside the penalty area…

Wingate & Finchley 4 vs Bowers & Pitsea 3 (2022/23)

…I don’t understand how the 15 thought he would get away with that! A second penalty and Dylan slotted home once more. Now it was 3-2 to our visitors.

Into Injury time and we earnt a corner which our Goalkeeper and Captain, Ben, came forward for – he actually headed the ball but it was deflected wide by a defender for another corner. He stayed up and when the ball came in, he headed it once more…

Wingate & Finchley 4 vs Bowers & Pitsea 3 (2022/23)

…and scored! That was a great Captain’s effort that made the game a draw. But it was not all over – by this time Bowers were in disarray and Wingate smelled blood! On the 7th minute of injury time Antonis smacked in a winner and the celebrations began…

Wingate & Finchley 4 vs Bowers & Pitsea 3 (2022/23)

That comeback happened after the 82nd minute of normal play – It must be one of the greatest turnarounds in football history!


    1. Thanks BrianπŸ‘ A little blue water between us and Bowers – 5 points 😎 I’ve just heard the Bowers manager’s post match interview and he complained about their play in the first half (same as me for both sides). Then he spoke about the good work for 35mins of the second half. Then he briefly spoke about the end of the game. He repeated himself several times talking about players disrespecting the club and disrespecting the shirt. And a couple of times he made it clear that some of the players had played their last game for the club! Definitely not a happy bunny but it was all said with dignity.
      So all I can do is wish him luck for the rest of the season.

      1. Just checked this morning and the Bowers Manager was as good as his word – 3 players released at training last night. It’s a harsh world in non-league football 😟

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