CMMC: February Calypso (ocean) Colors

This week I’m back with a post for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge👍I was once again surprised at the colour pallet so some things that I wouldn’t have thought of including will make it in. Also there’s what passes as Ocean colours in the UK’s coastal waters😅

Let’s start with something that isn’t controversial…

Wake from the ferry in San Sebastien de La Gomera Harbour

…The blue of the Atlantic Ocean churned up by the propellers of a ferry.

In the UK, the colour is more likely to be what I jokingly call ‘Tilbury Tint’…

Emmanuel Tomasos & Larsholmen at West Thurrock

…as illustrated by the tidal River Thames at West Thurrock.

Arriva, outside of London, paint their vehicles in a shade of blue that fits this week’s colour requirement. In fact, they used to use two shades as in the example below…

Arriva The Shires 3270 (V270HBH) in Elstree

…A Plaxton bodied DAF passing through Elstree.

Finally, here’s a section of a mural on the Metropolitan Railway bridge at Kilburn…



    1. Hi Debra 😎 The sea is definitely much bluer near the equator than in the northern waters around Britain. The shot was taken during a visit to the Canary Islands 👍

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