Fresh Fields

April – Initially there was a sowing job for a neighbour…


…Then there were several fertilizing jobs and I had to make 2 trips back to the dealer with the Zetor to refill the Rausch spreader…


…After the last job was done I still had plenty of fertilizer left over for my own fields.

Last month I prepared field 3 for sowing and it fell to the Massey-Ferguson to deliver the Soya Beans to the pre-fertilized field…


…With all the vegetable matter littering the surface it was difficult to see where I’d sown, so the ridge marker was very handy. Then, with sowing complete, I rolled the field to compact the soil and prevent erosion…


…a nice easy job for the BM👍 I’m doing my best to share the workload around the tractors and with such sunny weather it seems silly to be sitting in a cab😅

The Oilseed Radish in field 1 was ready to plough in during the second week of April…


…Once more I turned to the MF to do the job. That’s another field ready for sowing – The plan has changed again😜, I’m going to put Sorghum in this field and after harvesting the Barley in field 2, I will be planting Canola there.

I spent the rest of the week mowing my grass crop and making hay…


…All of which was handled by the BM with a minimum of fuss. Baling the hay required a bit more power, so the MF hauled the Lely baler up and down the rows…


…producing 20 bales…


…All of which I loaded by hand into our trailer and set off to the biogas plant…


In the the 3rd week of April I sowed the Sorghum in field 1…


…Rolling the field afterwards to complete the job. I also fed the grass some fertilizer. With nothing else I could do and with the Barley getting close to harvesting, I took the Vistula Combine up to the dealer for some pre-harvesting season maintenance…


…and that really was the end of the work for April – the last week was quiet with little to do but watch for the Sorghum and Soya plants to come through😎

More from Osada soon 😊👍

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