CMMC – November Alphabet T at the middle or end of a Word

The state of Texas released on November 15th and I have been very busy driving in American Truck Simulator since then to help with the community event and to bring my in-game achievements back up to date. There’s been a lot of driving…😥 However, this afternoon I completed the last delivery for the final outstanding achievement – I can relax once more and take part in Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge😎👍

Let’s start with a Castle – Or, as it’s in Spain, a Castillo…

Castillo Sohail

…Castillo Sohail which, of course, has battlements…

Castillo Sohail

…on its curtain wall between the towers.

A different Castle – Castle Cement tanks…

66012 at Silkstream Junction

…forming a Churchyard Sidings to Ketton Ward Siding service and photographed at Silkstream Junction.

Here’s a Renault…

Master Mix MM22 CON in Finchley

…Delivering Cement or Concrete (Words seem to be used interchangeably!)

Here’s a traditional Bristol bus operated by Hants and Dorset…


…with the Basingstoke skyline behind.

Finally – A Wagtail on the Football Pitch!..

Wingate & Finchley 0 vs Margate 1 (2018/19)


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