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Changing the Guard – Azyet has reached the point when she goes on R & R. I parked her up for the last time on October 29th and climbed into the new truck. It seems a bit sad when this time comes although I know that we’ll be travelling together again in future. Here she is in all her glory…


…with the Polizei. We had a laugh about that when I was asked if we were pulled over – I said, “We would have been if he’d seen my hand-signal.”🀣

The view from the driver’s seat in Azyet is very good and I like the mirror placement…


…That’s a shot as we were running into Lyon on one occasion. The info on the dash is good too, though you’re guessing a little regards the speed for setting cruise as the needle is affected by your eye angle. I’m going to miss the reassuring rumble of the Paccar 460HP engine and the gearbox that is well attuned to my preferred driving style.

Azyet did have one last duty to do just prior to going on leave – carrying the special paint job celebrating 10 years of Euro Truck Simulator 2…


Enter the new lady in my life – meet Aleixa…


…She’s a Renault – I guess, as a French company we should have Renaults πŸ˜… In more depth, she’s a Range T High with a 480HP engine and Optidrive gearbox. Drive-wise it’s an interesting comparison. The engine sounds mushy compared with the DAF but it certainly has a lot of grunt. Those extra 20HP are working well. So far, the fuel consumption is looking good and I’d expect that we will achieve similar lphk between the trucks despite having more horses because of the improved technology of Aleixa’s Euro 6 engine compared with Azyet’s Euro 5.

Aleixa’s forward view is pretty good…


…Passing another truck in northern Spain. The digital speed indication removes any doubts about what speed you’re actually doing. Lots of other important info clearly shown too! The mirrors are pretty well placed – though I prefer the DAF arrangement. I guess I’ll get used to itπŸ˜…

Aleixa is based at our Barcelona depot and, in case you were wondering, her name is Catalan in origin πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

See you on the road soon!

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