Last on the Card – October 2022

New month and time to join in with Brian’s Last on the Card Challenge.

On the Canon EOS 5D mkIII we don’t have the usual football shot. Instead, it’s a shot-to-nothing at St. Pancras on the way home from a match at Uxbridge…

Last on Card Canon_OCT22

…Taken on the 29th, there were a lot of people on their way to Halloween events. I haven’t decided yet whether there is an image here that I want to use 😐

The Last on Card for the Fujifilm X-Pro2 is almost as I want the shot…

Last on Card Fuji_Oct22

…In fact, all it needed was a slight straighten! 👍 Taken on Halloween itself, it shows an eastbound District Line service at South Kensington.

Moving on to the Moto g50. When I popped down the road to the corner shop on October 23rd, I just happened to find the change of watch checks being done at the Fire Station…

Last on Card_g50_OCT22

…The Sirens, lights and all the equipment are checked at the start of each watch and any shortfall or issues made good. If there is an issue that can’t be fixed, the appliance will have to be taken offline. This shot needs to be cropped a bit 😎

All photos as taken but resized for the web.


  1. A great lot of photos Martin, each has it’s own virtues. I love the pop of the red colour on the balloon. Having a fire truck that doesn’t go or not useful once it’s there would a horrible. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

    1. Happy to join in Brian😎👍 Our local Fire Station is also a driver training station so, at least there’s usually a couple of spare vehicles around in the event of a breakdown.

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