CMMC: October Autumn Colors

After missing last week’s CMMC, this week I’m back with some October colors for Cee’s challenge 🙂

Despite a long dry summer, the Oak trees have a good crop of Acorns…


…Many of them already fallen to earth where the Squirrels and Jays will gather them to store for Winter. The Acorns may be brown, but the leaves are still green.

Autum is favoured by some flowering plants – Michaelmas Daisies being one that is well known. But this year I’ve got some Japanese Anemones to share…

Japanese Anemones

Autumn is a time for Fungi – I believe this is a member of the Omphalotus family…


The days grow shorter as we move into mid-October and if there is a Sunrise, it is often a watery one…

Autumn Sunrise

…but, in the middle of the day we can be treated to a glorious blue sky to contrast with the changing colors of the trees…

Autumn Colour


  1. Each photo is wonderful! I love the acorns, however. I have a beautiful oak tree, dropping acorns by the thousands right now, but it’s different from this species and I love seeing the difference. 🙂 Beautiful sky, as well!

    1. Hi Debra 👍It amazed me when I started looking into trees years ago, how many different species of Oak there are. This one look’s to be an English Oak but I know we also have Turkey Oak’s in the area (their leaves are quite spiky). Glad you enjoyed the photos 😎👍

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