Last on the card – September 2022

Today I’m catching up with Brian’s Last on the Card Challenge. This was something I’d intended to do back on Saturday but there is a problem. Brian has lost his connection and has been unable to post the challenge. However, Christine of Stine Writing has started the ball rolling on Brian’s behalf, so here’s a link to her post. I’ll add a link to Brian’s when it appears😎

UPDATE! – Brian has now posted his Last on the card Challenge 👍

Starting with the Canon EOS5D we have the obligatory football image…

Last on Card_Sep_EOS5D

…The last shot from a London Senior Cup match on Tuesday, September 27th, between Wingate & Finchley (Blue) and Clapton.

Turning to The Fujifilm X-Pro2 and this time the subject has come to me!..

Last on Card_SEP_fuji

…A Volvo FMX 460HP Grab Truck parked outside my house on the 29th 😎

Finally, from the Moto g50, also on the 29th…

Last on Card_SEP_g50

…Northern Line unit 51525 leads a 6-car train into Brent Cross station. There’s a short story behind this one. I was coming out of Brent Cross Shopping Centre when I was approached by a lost young lady from somewhere in Eastern Europe. She needed to get to the Underground so that she could travel to Mile End but, of course, she couldn’t find the station and her mobile map wasn’t much help! The route from the shopping centre to the station is a tortuous one, so I realised I wouldn’t be able to describe how to get there and she’d probably get even more lost. Instead, I walked her through the maze of footpaths across the River Brent and over the North Circular Road to the station. That was my good deed for the day and some healthy exercise to boot 😊

All photos unaltered except for resizing for the web.


  1. Never fail to get all the good ones Martin. Great action on the footy photo. I am glad your good deed paid off with a photo of the 51525. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Christine😊 Tour Guide? – I’m just good at finding railway stations 🤣 I’m not related to the players – I’m Wingate & Finchley’s match photographer so I know the guy in blue (Theo) quite well 😎👍

      1. 🤣- I’m usually friendly👍 I’m in the UK; London – I occasionally watch NFL (Seahawks is my team) but Soccer is my usual sport to watch these days. Of course, we have Rugby which is like a cross between the two 😅

    1. I think the fact that I only had the mobile phone decided the framing of the shot for me😅 However, I had noted that the sky was ‘added interest’ before I lined up the shot😎 Thanks Debra👍

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