Last on the card – August 2022

August was not a great month for photographs. I had an issue with my left foot – probably brought on by too much driving of the old Mack truck in American Truck Simulator! My usual excuse for going out, trainspotting – was disrupted by industrial action. The upshot is that last month, only the Canon 5D mkIII saw any use and as a result there is only one photo for Brian’s Last on the card challenge 😦

Of course, if there’s one thing I was always going to photo it was the football. The last shot for August was taken on the 29th when Wingate & Finchley visited Haringey Borough…

Last on Card_August22

…This is just about the last kick of the game. A Haringey defender, hidden by our 5 and 11, clears an intercepted pass and at that point the Ref blew the final whistle. It was a scrappy game ending 0-0. We did actually get the ball in the net but the assistant ruled it off-side. All I can say looking back at the photos is that it must have been very tight. I think Freddie may have been robbed of a perfectly good goal and Wingate & Finchley of 2 points! – Ho humm…


  1. I do hope your foot is better, Martin. Your “last on the card” is revealing about you, though, is’t it? No matter what there’s always football! 🙂

    1. Thanks Debra – It’s still a bit tweaky but I can walk ok on it. Must improve my exercise regime!

      As for the Football – I did miss some of the pre-season friendlies because of Covid and I missed our away game against Kingstonian because of the foot.

      Now I’m planning to get back on my Freedom Pass Project next week – if industrial action on the trains doesn’t prevent it!

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