CMMC – August 5th Week – Fruit

It seems there’s one Trucking Event after another at the moment. Barely recovered from cruising Montana and we’re being asked to deliver cargoes to an exhibition in Hanover! So, once more, I’m running a bit behind schedule for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge. This week we’re looking at Fruit

No one said the fruit had to be edible though 😉 Here’s Ribes sanguineum…

American Currant

…Flowering Currant. The berries when first ripe are black with a bluish tinge. While they are edible, the taste is insipid – so bad that even the birds leave them to decay on the bush!

Late season unripe Blackberries…

Unripe Blackberries

…They’ll probably be ready to eat in a week or so.

Bananas and Kiwi fruit…

Bananas and Kiwi

…Definitely ripe and edible – I’m surprised the bananas have survived this long with Alasdair home from uni! 😉

Epi’s lunchbox selection…

Avocado and Pineapple

…Avocado and Pineapple.


  1. I do love fruit! All fruit! Your photos are really nice, Martin. I was sorry to hear that the one berry is so insipid even the birds turn away. They’re attractive in a garden, though, it seems!

    1. It always surprised me that the ‘American Flowering Currant’ – as it is often known here – doesn’t have nice fruit considering it is closely related to the Blackcurrant that we make jam from! When we had Blackcurrants in the garden it was a race against the Blackbirds to get the fruit 😉

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