Brought to Life

Sometime ago, I wrote a series of posts telling a story based around my activities in the computer game, Elite: Dangerous. It was a way of giving some life to my tales from a game that most of my readers would probably never experience. One of the characters in my tale was a bounty-hunter called Jaxon Border. He was first introduced in an episode called Waiting.

Over the last few years I have come to know an artist on Twitter through my interest in Truck Simulator – one shared by her partner. She goes by the twitter moniker SI’yann. In recent months she has decided to pursue her dream of becoming a digital artist and she is now open to take on commissions.

I sent her a link to my story with a suggestion that she might like to draw Jaxon Border for me. I think the story as told in English may not have translated too well into a clear description of the character in French, so we exchanged several messages as the work progressed. The first rough sketches were presented and I have to say they were very close to the Jaxon Border in my minds eye. Subsequently, with some refinements, we reached agreement on the final sketch…

Then it was up to Si’yann to come up with the colour version with a small amount of guidance from me. Here’s Jaxon in colour…

In many ways this digital art by Si’yann has captured the Jaxon Border I envisaged as I was writing and the decision to have him seated at the bar works so well for the character. Bounty hunter that he is, he’s clearly got his eye on something or someone seated away from the bar – possibly me, Anson22, just before our first meeting? 😎

This was a new style of Character for Si’yann and I think she’s done great! If you’d like a character from your writings brought to life, then perhaps you should consider asking Si’yann if she might be able to help you out😊👍


  1. Si’yann is certainly very talented and I wish her well in pursuing her art. It’s lovely you have some wonderful people with similar interests in your computer games and simulators. And it must have been true delight to see your character come to life with Si’Yann’s artistry. 🙂

    1. It was great although I did have to pay for it – this is her way to make a living now after all 🤣 She says this Sci-Fi setting was very challenging because it’s outside of her comfort zone – she normally draws fantasy and pirates. Anyway, I thought I’d help her on her way in her new career 😎👍

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