Last on the Card – July 2022

The start of a new month and time to display my Last on Card photos for Brian’s challenge.

Let’s start with the Moto g50. This shot was taken for one of my Nuts & Bolts posts to illustrate my method of recording which parts on an engine need replacing with new…

Last on Card JUL22_g50

…Apart from a change of name for this post, you can’t tell the difference as all I did for the original post was resize for web!

Now the Canon EOS5d mkIII…

Last on Card JUL22_EOS5D

…Taken at our pre-season friendly against Coggeshall Town on 16th July – the game ended in a 1-1 draw. It was my last match for a while. On the 19th I deemed it too hot to attend – the temperature reached 40.3C that afternoon, which is outside the camera’s official operating window (as well as mine)! Then on Thursday 21st I went down with what turned out to be covid. Now I’m hoping to be fit to do the Team Photos on August 11th🤞🏻

To finish, here’s a shot taken with the Fuji X-Pro2…

Last on Card JUL22_XPro2

…The Pigeons living it large in our bird bath!

As usual just a resize for the web and no other changes.


  1. These are great Martin. Playing footy in that heat isn’t good for anyone let alone the poor photographer. That’s a great action shot. Clearance from a corner? Love the pigeons. Glad you put water out for the birds. Fabulous Last Photos. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Brian 😎👍 Poorly taken free-kick 🤣 I try to make sure there’s water out there, especially when it’s so hot. But the Pigeons were taking the mickey – I had to clean it out after them! 🙄

    1. Three of my regulars – they’re usually sitting on the roof waiting when I take out the feed for the larger birds in the morning 😅 We get Woodpigeons too and more recently we’ve had Collared Doves coming to pick at the smaller seeds.

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