You’re unfollowed…

Twitter is an interesting place. Followers come and followers go, usually without creating any ripples in the ionosphere. I don’t really worry about my following on twitter – I recognise that, a bit like WordPress, people follow for many reasons – for example, in the hope you will follow back so that they can build their following. that doesn’t mean I don’t care – on both WordPress and Twitter I have people that I enjoy having a proper chat with. That said, twitter is the more instant of the two and I often chat with members of the trucking sim community when on twitter. There is some good banter that goes on between us and none of it is taken too seriously – even the discussions about which truck may be better! So, on Twitter, my following currently sits on 935, which is slightly higher than at the time of the tale I’m going to tell.

Like my regulars on WordPress, most of my Twitter contacts know that I play more than just truck sim games. It’s well known that I play The Hunter: Call of the Wild. Quite a number of them play too. So, in early June, I decided to share a screenshot on twitter…


And with the screenshot I tweeted “Nordin 20 gauge shotgun – single shot=3 bunnies.. That’s the stew sorted out for the rest of the week 🤣”

I was somewhat surprised when just a few minutes later I got a tweet in reply expressing disgust and stating that they had unfollowed me and that I would be blocked! My surprise initially was because I didn’t know the person at all – was totally unaware that they were following me. But then my incredulity became even more piqued – were they telling me that they couldn’t tell that this is an in-game screen shot? And hadn’t they noted the emoticon that surely shows I’m having a laugh?

It’s the first time I’ve experienced such a reaction and I was a bit non-plussed. I can remember joking on twitter in the past with a trucking friend in Germany that as he had the ketchup in his trailer we should get together because I had just killed enough boar to make Bratwurst for the next month! That didn’t draw any bad reactions. In fact I and several friends, have shared quite a few tweets of our day’s hunting before without anyone reacting like this.

So what do you see – Real Rabbits slaughtered and a rightful reason for anger or do you see the truth of the situation?