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With my profiles in American Truck Simulator and Euro truck Simulator 2 having reached level 8, lets take a short break from game tips and take a look at the maps of where I’ve been while driving Quick Jobs.

This is the European map…


…Just trips in the south of France, eastern Spain, Corsica. Sardinia and central Italy. Meanwhile, in the US we have this map…


…Here’s a list of the states we’ve passed through, starting from Oregon: Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and we finished up in California. The bit of my travels you can’t see off the bottom of the map is a delivery from Socorro to Yuma, and then from Yuma to Fresno.

From the way the maps have played out, it’s clear that the two games offer quick jobs differently. In ETS2 I’m more likely to do the same route more than once in order to get the best earning job than I am in America. I have used skill points in the same way in both games and with 2 levels in the distance line, I know that I have jobs of the maximum distance I can complete in a single driving shift. There’s an interesting symmetry between the games here; I can expect to do around 500km per shift in ETS2 and 500mi per shift in ATS. In one way, that is sort of what I would expect – I can remember an American trucker saying that 500mi was a good day’s work, suggesting that it is the distance he would expect to work as close to max distance before running out of driving hours.

Here’s a couple of ‘on the road’ shots to close out the post: Madrid to Almeria…


…on the Autovia Sierra Nevada-Costa Tropical near Mengibar. And Yuma to Fresno…


…on the I5, grinding our way over The Grapevine πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

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