Last on the Card – May 2022

Here we are at the start of June – that means it’s time to share our last photo on the card for Brian’s challenge😎

May is a quiet month for me as the Isthmian League Football Season has ended and that means there are no last on cards for my Canon cameras. That leaves the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the Moto g50.

On the X-Pro, I have a shot of Squires Lane in some moody weather…

…This shot appeared in my ‘May Storms‘ post where it had been straightened and cropped. I had hoped to go out again on the 31st but a Steam Train I was intending to photo was cancelled and the weather wasn’t very good, so I didn’t, making this my last shot of the month with a camera.

The Moto g50 picked up the task of taking a shot of my new pc to send to my Son as he wanted to know what I had bought…

…Early morning and my usual strong cuppa in the foreground😉 Look at the state of the office wall – redecoration needed sometime🙄

As required for Brian’s challenge, no changes made to the photos other than resizing for the web 👍


  1. The light on the houses against the stormy skies if fabulous Martin. Your new pc look rather flash. I will just have to wait for a while before the footy Last Photo appears again. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks for running the challenge Brian 👍 I will probably have a footy related shot for you next month as I have to photo the Youth Team Awards on the 8th. As for the pc – getting a high-end gaming machine without pretty lights is damn near impossible! 😒 But it’s what the less colourful bits do that’s important and they seem to be doing a great job at the moment 😎

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