1. The lighting in your photos is so effective, Martin. I love those dark skies! Wish you could send a little rain my way. 🙂

    1. Thanks Debra 😎👍 I’m not sure I have rain to spare – I was joking with a friend on Twitter that we only say it always rains in the UK to keep the tourists away. But the annual rainfall in London is 22 inches – roughly on a par with Oakland! Of course, other parts of the UK are much wetter than we have it in the south-east. I see that El Centro sees just a couple of inches of rain each year and Bakersfield gets 6.4 inches – so Southern California lives up to the words of the Albert Hammond song. The tragedy is that things will only get worse while the world remains in climate change denial 😞

      1. We are on strict water rationing. Beginning today there are penalties for overt waste. Should have been in place before now. I didn’t know that London’s rainfall was more or less on par with Oakland. My son and his family live in Oakland so I have a more accurate picture!

      2. That’s a concern – I can remember water rationing happening on two occasions in London in my lifetime. There have been lots of Hosepipe bans though – usually most summers. I wonder if California needs some more de-salination plants along the coast to help with the water shortage? Other than that, it’s a global challenge that we all must face up to and Putin isn’t helping🙄

      3. As you can imagine, desalination is a hot political topic. The environmental groups protest any being built at all. They go after the agricultural water, which is controversial ever since almonds and marijuana, both thirsty, became so popular. LOL! So the environmentalists want the water rationed, rather than building desalination. These arguments have gone back and forth my whole life, and I’m not sure in my lifetime I will see some reasonable mitigation.

      4. It may be that the only realistic way forward that would be acceptable to all parties would be to build a pipeline from the areas in the north with ample water, to distribute it throughout the rest of the state. Even then I doubt there is an adequate supply. As you say – probably still be being debated in 100 years time!

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