CMMC May Colors Forest or Dark Green

This Midweek Madness Challenge from Cee got me thinking, what is Dark Green and what counts as Forest? Hopefully I’ve found some suitable answers in the photos I’m sharing.

Here’s an old shot from my archives of a pair of London Transport AEC Regal IV buses…

RF315 (MLL952) and RF280 (MLL817) at Leas Road Garage

…They make an interesting comparison with their slightly different shades. I believe that the lighter Green was introduced in 1960, but there were a number of variations within the fleet over the years in service. RF315 was actually a ‘Red’ central area bus for its working life while RF280 was always a country vehicle.

Here’s a different example of a green livery – Zubr beer cans…


…A Polish Lager brewed originally in Bialystok.

When I’m playing Farming Simulator, I can always dress the part with my John Deere polo shirt…

John Deere

…I bought this from the dealer in Cromer, Hertfordshire, when we were helping my Mother-in-law check out tractors for her farm. That was 18 years ago – its worn well! πŸ˜€

Having spent Thursday and Friday chasing the Southern class 455’s in their last week of service, there is an inevitability about my choice of a final shot for this week’s challenge πŸ˜‰ Here is 455837 (with 455812) approaching Kenley…

455837 at Kenley

…and passing through a veritable ‘Forest’ of green πŸ˜€


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