Ferme du Vieux Chêne

When I last reported from the farm it was the first week of October and I laid out my future plans. At the time I had €60K in the bank and I needed to push that up to €160K before making my move to purchase Field 23. So here we are in the first week of December and I’m cultivating a neighbours’ field…


If you look in the top rh corner you can see that I have almost reached my target! How have I done that in just 2 months? Have I, perhaps, been hunting for collectables again to boost my cash?

No, this time I haven’t resorted to an official cheat – It has all been achieved by genuine work and a little RNG luck. I continued my start to October with some fertilizing. Then I picked up a Corn harvesting job in Field 15, right next to my farm. As I don’t have a corn header myself, I borrowed the equipment to do the job. I had the pleasure of trying out the Case Axial Flow 7150…


…This is a wonderful piece of kit. Here’s a view from above as it chomps the corn…


…and from the side…


…For a big machine, it feels very compact. I liked it so much I’ve added it to my wish-list although I’d need around €400K to buy and equip it🤨 The job surprisingly gave me a big cash bonus for the delivered corn and additionally completed while I still had nearly 5000l in the harvester’s tank – that went straight to my Silo as a very welcome bonus for a job well done! 😎👍

My next large job saw me doing a Star Wars impression…


…It’s actually a Hardi self-propelled Sprayer and I was hunting weeds in the second largest field on the map with hired equipment. I made a lot of money on that job. And that’s where the RNG comes in. If you’re lucky, the jobs just fall for you, and you can make a fortune very quickly 😎

Mid October and I was doing harvesting for another farm and when rain stopped that activity, I did some fertilizing for a different neighbour – the money was starting to rack up. The pattern continued through late October and early November. Then I hit the RNG jackpot – Fertilizing jobs for the two largest fields on the map. Even after buying the fertilizer to fill my spreader, I was guaranteed a payout of around €25K! I was able to knock those jobs out by midday (roughly equivalent to 5 day’s work). Then I picked up a Cotton harvesting job using hired equipment, I had the pleasure of this rather nice John Deere CP690 to do the picking…


…A beautiful piece of kit and it needs to be at around €850K! For such a large machine it is amazingly agile – it can turn within its own body length! The cotton bales are deposited wrapped and ready. I subsequently had one of the Case cotton harvesters for another job and didn’t like it. Ultimately it just compresses the cotton into a large block, but at half the price of the JD, I guess that’s what you get. At the end of the harvest job, I delivered one of those large blocks to the spinnery and it should have closed off the job and given me a percentage of the bale as part of my payment. The bale is still sitting there…


…and I’m accruing €1 every minute as the bale gradually is taken in 1l at a time by the spinnery. There’s around 17000 litres to go – I think that’s a Bug! 🤣

Back to where we came in… I now have my target money to buy Field 23 and I’m going to do just that. I shall see you all back on Ferme du Vieux Chêne very soon 😎👍

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