Ferme du Vieux Chêne

When we left the farm last time, I was completing clearing stones from Field 14 as I continued preparing the soil for the next sowing. I started September by applying Fertilizer to my Canola in Field 17…


..If you look in the bottom left corner you can see that the map now gives a useful indication of coverage as you fertilize. It also works for liming but not for weeding.

By the time I returned later that week to sow the Barley in field 14, I was greeted by a sea of weeds! Time to breakout the Weed-Whacker…


…fortunately, these small weeds are easy for the Einbock weeder…


Weeds back under control, I proceeded to sow my Barley crop…


Of course, that stirred up the weeds again, so I had to run the weeder over the field once more🙄

It’s not just weeds and mushrooms that appear overnight…


There is now a mobile phone mast on my land! I had to prepare the ground which cost €1300 but the phone company will be paying me €480 per month so it will soon pay for itself👍

Early the following week I applied the roller to field 14 to bed my Barley in. Then the rains came and I had to call a stop to any further work…


Looks like the rain is here for the rest of the month…


Time to do some stock taking. I sold 4 pallets of Honey for €1600. I have some stored grain,..


…Oats and Sorghum, that I can sell when the price is good – probably in November. If it’s going to keep on raining, I guess I can try out those computer games I found 😂..


More from Ferme du Vieux Chêne next week 😎👍

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